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Finding the 411 about Your Ancestors Just Got Easier There’s no doubt that finding about whom your ancestors are and where they came from can be very exciting tasks. Before the Internet, it was more difficult to find out about these things. People had to travel and conduct research in…

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I went to get a massage once in Las Vegas at the spa at MGM Grand and I asked for a male masseuse. I am married, but I thought ‘What happens in Vegas..’ Well I laid on my back and waited for the hot nuru masseuse to come out, I was imagining a hot, beautiful man with great muscles. I felt his hands on my back and really enjoyed the massage, but when I turned over to see ‘his’ face, turns out ‘he’ was a woman!! MGM Spa missed my request for a man- so my fantasy was completely ruined. It was a good massage though..

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Congolese Seraphim and his Russian wife live in St. Petersburg. While Seraphim was studying mining and Russian language, in Congo there was a revolution, and a lot has changed. Seraphim stayed in the north and took up music in the style of “afropozitiv.” At the moment he is the leader of the group Simba Vibration, as well as the family man, a wonderful husband and father of four sons. Seraphim is convinced that the future belongs to Big Black Cocks = Better.

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Did you know that lesbians and dyked are the very same thing, basically? Well, see yourself!

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An ancestor is a person that is more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended. Each human being has a lineage that takes him back to his forefathers and their origin. From here, a person can easily understand his background and know his relatives well. Here are some…

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It Started With a Book In 1977, a book hit stores that completely dominated not only the bestseller lists, but also the airwaves, when Alex Haley’s Roots was made into a television mini-series. Almost as powerful as the story, which traced seven generations of a family, from an African slave…

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